Seller Tips

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Selling Your Home - Where to Begin?


Remember what first attracted you to your house when you bought it?  Try to visualize the first impression when a potential buyer drives up to your home.  Make sure your front yard is tidy and the driveway and entry way are free from clutter.  A welcome mat is a nice touch.  An attractive exterior grabs their attention and makes them excited about finding a house that looks and feels well cared for.    If you prepare your home correctly, you'll save time selling it when it's on the market.

A few simple improvements may be necessary in order to make your home more appealing.  Touch up with fresh paint inside or out if necessary.  Neutral colors appeal to most people, such as white or beige.    Remember to remove unnecessary clutter.  A home will sparkle if it is clean and tidy!   Check the basics around your home for any small repairs such as drain pipes, leaky faucets or damaged window blinds.   Usually buyers know when a home has been well maintained.   

Pricing your home competitively from the beginning is imperative!  My job is to determine market value of your home based on comparable properties that have sold in your area.   A strong marketing plan, competitive and realistic pricing and keeping your best interests in mind are my top priorities.


Now let's sell your home!